Gil Engineering Associates Inc.

Services We Offers

Gil Engineering Associates Inc. is a broad based Civil Engineering - Surveying Firm with extensive experience providing design solutions for public and private clients. Our 3D technology both in the office and in the field provide a collaborative working environment with other design team members and our clients.

Engineering Services

Gil Engineering Associates Inc. offers a full range of civil engineering services over a wide range of civil engineering projects. We enjoy designing projects that are cost effective and sustainable. We also have extensive knowledge in the compliance portion of the project with the everchanging regulatory entities and their requirements.

Surveying Services

Prior to staring any project a clear and defined project area is required. Understanding of the Ownership of property, site charicteristics, and site topogies are neccessary. The Proper locations of boundarys, easments, existing utilities, topography, and other features are critical for accurate planning and engineering design. We use the latest GIS, GPS and robotic surveying tools to provide the client with data that will suit the design effort.

Planning Services

A simple Definition of planning is A scheme, program, or method worked out beforehand for the accomplishment of an objective. Gil Engineering Associates has helped clients make the upfront decisions to faciliate their project goals throught the use of feasability studies, concept plans, Site evaluation and preliminary cost estimating.

New Services

Gil Engineering Associates Inc. has the latest site-civil-surveying technologies to serve the client better. We constantly add new software, field equipment and staff training. We like to be at the cutting edge of technology not the bleeding edge. This enables us to bring the client the best possible solutions in the least amount of time.